What is Metasploit?

Metasploit is a framework for penetration testing developed by HD Moore in 2003. Metasploit was originally written in perl back then, and then it was completely written in Ruby. And then Rapid7 a Cyber Security Company purchased it in 2009.

It comes in 6 different interfaces Metasploit Framework Edition, Metasploit Community Edition, Metasploit Express, Metasploit Pro, Armitage, Cobalt Strike.In this series we will cover stuff from Metasploit Community Edition. Community Edition comes preinstalled in all pentesting linux distributions with many exploits payloads, auxiliaries, modules etc.
let’s get our eyes on some basic terms used in metasploit.

Exploit : An exploit is a piece of code which can be sent to a vulnerable service running on the the target device to gain access to it.

Auxiliary : Auxiliary is a module of metasploit framework which allows you to conduct vulnerability scanning, fuzzing, port scanning, and other information gathering stuff. Auxiliary can make metasploit work as an FTP, HTTP or SMTP client and more cool things. and the best part is you can create your own metasploit auxiliary.

Encoders : Encoder is a program or software or in metasploit we say a module which helps you to encode the original code of a payload or backdoor which you gonna send to victim so that anti-virus, firewall programs can’t detect your malicious payload and you can have an access to the victim’s system like a boss xD.

Payloads : Payload is refereed to a piece of code which accomplishes the action such as harvesting information from targeted service, hijacking/hacking the targeted service/system.

Backdoor : A backdoor is a hidden entry to a device that bypasses security measures such as login protections, firewalls, anti-viruses. most of the hackers use backdoors to maintain a access to their hacked systems/servers. In metasploit framework there are 3 different types of payload modules : Singles, Stagers, and Stages. These different types of modules can be found usefull in different scenarios.

Post : It is a collection of post exploitation modules in metasploit which can be run on hacked target systems to gather evidence and much more.


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