Facebook hacking using Wifi phisher (phishing)


  • Laptop with onboard or additional Wifi-Adapter
  • Targets (optional)

basically wifi phisher need two wifi cards one for jamming (sending de-auth packets) and another for hosting fake AP for wireless atacks .but here only one wireless card is enough

Since people are always looking for “FREE” Internet they also become very vulnerable to Phishing.


now you should be able to open Wifiphisher by just typing “wifiphisher” in the Terminal.


  • 1. In this case, you can not start Wifiphisher by just typing in “wifiphisher” like previously.

– Type in the command “wifiphisher -nJ   (or “wifiphisher -nj -e ANY_NAME “)without bracket and quotes

The -nJ stands for the NoJamming-Option which starts Wifiphisher without the intention to “Jam” any target at all.

  • 2. Now selects the router interface in which we need to launch our phishing attack


  • 3. Now selects Option 4. which is the Facebook-Phishing option and press enter
“see option 4 which is facebook phishing”
  • 4.  you will be getting teh user credentials when they enter into the phishing page


This is for educational purposes only. Following these actions is extreme illegal behavior and will be prosecuted. So ALWAYS use a “LAB” environment or have the legal authority to follow these actions. I am not legally liable for any of your behavior.


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